Activate 2022 | Better Together

Activate 2022 Better Together

Activate to increase your BNI ROI. More referral partners equal better results.
  1. Identify business people you know who are looking to grow their business
  2. Bring the Visitors to your Chapter Meetings to introduce them to potential referral partners
  3. Participate in your chapter Activate Event(s)

Will you be a top sponsor of new members and claim one of the three individual prizes?

Prizes for Top Sponsoring Members

Grand Prize ($2,000 value)

One week vacation for up to 6 guests in Zion’s Tiny Getaway Modern Haven tiny home featuring 3 queen lofts, hot tub with exterior entertainment center, rooftop deck for endless star gazing, and a guided UTV tour.

2nd Place Prize ($700 value)

Two night stay for up to 4 guests in Zion’s Tiny Getaway Aloha tiny home featuring a rooftop deck, large kitchen, and a horseback riding tour for 2.

3rd Place Prize ($350 value)

One night stay for 2 guests in Zion’s Tiny Getaway Great Escape tiny home featuring a private deck with BBQ and fire pit.


Thanks to Our Prize Sponsor Zion's Tiny Getaway

How will your chapter activate? Business Open Days or Contact Sphere Challenge

Chapter and Member Resources

Activate 2022 Flyer
Chapter Challenge Info Sheet
Chapter Challenge
Info Sheet
Business Open Day Guide
Guide for Bringing Visitors
Easy as 1-2-3
Business Open Day Guide
Business Open Day Guide
Contact Sphere Challenge Guide
Contact Sphere Challenge
Chapter Slide Deck Announcement Slides
Chapter Meeting Announcement Slides

Rules and Eligibility

  1. Only applications submitted during the contest period dates of April 3 through June 4, 2022 will be eligible. Applications not completed by June 15 will be excluded. To be complete the applicant must be approved by the membership committee for membership in the chapter and have paid their BNI fees.
  2. Applicant must be a new member to BNI and not a transfer member. Former members who have been out of BNI and are subject to the application fee are eligible.
  3. Grand Prize will be given to the member who sponsors the most new members during the contest period. In the case of a tie, a random drawing of those who tied for the top number will determine the prize winner. If only two tied for the top prize, the member not draw for the Grand Prize will receive the 2nd Place Prize. If there are three or more tied for the top prize, then a second name will be drawn for the 2nd Place Prize and a third name drawn for the 3rd Place Prize. In the case of no tie at the top position, the next highest sponsoring members will receive the 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes with drawings to settle any ties in number of members sponsored.
  4. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 17.
  5. Zion’s Tiny Getaway will be notified of the prize winners and winners will contact Zion’s Tiny Getaway to schedule their stay.
  6. During the contest period, the Region Office will be conducting a Chapter Challenge game. Each chapter will earn points based on chapter and member activities related to inviting Visitors and sponsoring new members into the chapter. The chapter with the highest point total in the Chapter Challenge will be awarded the Chapter Challenge Prize. For the Chapter Challenge, data entry in will be the sole evidence used to evaluate Visitors at the chapter meetings and completed New Member Applications. Visitors not correctly entered in the Visitor Portal and marked attended will be ineligible for consideration for the Chapter Challenge.

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