Contact Sphere Challenge Guide

The Contact Sphere Challenge brings strategic growth to your chapter to increase the ROI for all members. In BNI, GROWTH is not the GOAL. Growth is the tool to bring an equal opportunity for all chapter members to succeed. Contact Sphere relationships are natural referral opportunities. By balancing the Contact Spheres in the chapter, the chapter will be stronger and provide a higher ROI for all members. Follow the guide below and use the tools to make your next Contact Sphere Challenge a success.

Steps for a Contact Sphere Challenge
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Tools for Identifying and Inviting Visitors

Business Open Day Guide
Guide for Bringing Visitors
Easy as 1-2-3
Access the Contact Sphere Report from
Access Monthly Contact Sphere Report
Download the Visitor Prospect Worksheet
Download Generic Contact Sphere Worksheet
Download the Visitor Prospect Worksheet
Download Email Invitation Script (Word Doc)

Contact Sphere Challenge Agenda

Download the Business Open Day Ageneda
Download Contact Sphere Challenge Agenda

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