Online Application Leader Information

Key Action Steps

  • Watch Kip's Announcement Video
  • Read the Introduction PDF Guide
  • Confirm that others on your team have received and reviewed all the information. Check in with each other (e.g. Visitor Hosts with President, Membership Committee with Vice President, Treasurer with President, etc.) to make sure no one missed the update.

Key Highlights of the Update

Please review the PDF Guide for the full details, but here are the key highlights of the new process:

  • All applications will be submitted through a link on the Chapter Website. No more PDF applications after Monday, July 20.
  • Payments for applications are now being taken upon approval of the application by the Membership Committee.
  • Vice President will receive a notification by email when an application is received. Make sure you have whitelisted BNI notification emails in your email system. Vice President mobilizes the Membership Committee to complete review process.
  • Upon Membership Committee approval, the Vice President will mark the decision in BNI Connect using the same system that has been used for Renewal Applications.
  • Applicant will receive notification of approval and to make payment by email. Approvals are good for seven (7) days after which the application may be voided for non-payment.
  • Approved Applicants are not yet Members of the Chapter until payment is RECEIVED and the membership has been ACTIVATED by the region office.
  • Approved Applicants that have not paid are subject to the same rules as visitors (only 2 visits including their visits as a Visitor, go with Visitors during presentations, no asks).
  • Once activated, President receives email notification they are ready to be inducted. New Member Success Kits are sent to the member

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