Replacement Name Badge Order Form

Replacement Name Badge Order Form

Beginning in February 2019, the new New Member Success kits included the new personalized BNI name badge with member lanyard. For members who joined before that date and want the new style badge or for members who have lost their badge, we offer Replacement Badges for $5.00 (including shipping) and Replacement Lanyards for $5.00 (including shipping).

NOTE: Please be sure to double check spelling and capitalization of your name and company name as we produce your badge exactly as it is submitted.

Member Name 
as to appear on name badge
Company Name
as to appear on name badge
Chapter Name
Mailing Address
(to send Name Badge)
Zip Code
Email Address

For chapter orders of multiple badges placed by the chapter leadership team with payment remitted by the chapter secretary, please contact Richard Isom at [email protected] for details of how to place the order. The form above is for individual member orders.

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